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I sent this picture to my friend and she said that I looked

like an English lady. She  told me, "I love the hat, but you

really should be wearing a helmet"... LOL... I told her I was,

and she couldn't believe it! 

Well it happened; the helmet was put to the true test
yesterday as I had a pretty bad fall.  I went over my
handle bars and landed on my face on the pavement. I
just wanted to say thank you so much for making such
a great product that quite possibly saved my life.  Much
love and appreciation! . . . The paramedics thought I
wasn't wearing a helmet.  They thought it was so cool!
I plan on buying another.
Nick  (Australia)

Love the helmet. I have been stopped twice by cops !!  When

I explain that I am wearing a helmet a little grunt

which comes out.

Such a fun helmet--and I have to add, for anyone
considering a purchase, EXCELLENT customer service.

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Happy Holidays

Whether you're
biking to see the leaves or 
just want to enjoy the cooler air,
cycle in style with a
Bandbox Helmet 
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