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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Marrch 2013 Celebrity Martha Stewart
The results are in for the Bandbox Cycling Celebrity of February 2013 and its a tie between the Denver and the Parisian for Naomi Watts.  Since the winner of the free cover drawing is Doug Ford, I will be sending Naomi a Denver.  

My apologies to anyone who had trouble voting this past month as the site was under construction on many occasions as I added new helmet styles and photos.  The update is complete and future problems should be minimal.  Please don't let past difficulties prevent you from voting for a Bandbox bicycle helmet for the March 2013 Cycling Celebrity - Martha Stewart.

Bandbox Cycling Celebrity | Martha Stewart bicycling

Despite the kerfuffle she caused when parking in a bike lane on a recent trip to San Francisco, Martha Stewart needs a stylish bicycle helmet.  CLICK on your choice of one of the four helmets below and complete the requested info on the popup screen.  At the end of the month, I will send the helmet with the most votes to Martha Stewart. Please choose not what you like best, but what you think Martha is most likely to wear.  All voters will be automatically entered into a drawing for a free helmet cover.

Bandbox Cape May purple with rhodoendron | bicycle helmet hat  Bandbox Parisian blue with green flower | Beautifil bicycle helmet hat

#1 Purple Cape May w/rhodendron  #2Blue Parisian with green flowr

Bandbox Cape May pink | Bicycle helmet cloche  Bandbox Savannah bicycle helmet hat | fashion bicycle helmets

#3 Pink Cape May w/ribbon & flower  #4 Sea Grass Savannah with gingham ribbon and vegetables

11:18 pm est 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bandbox Feb 2013 Cycling Celebrity - Naomi Watts
       Bandbox Cycling Celebrities | Naomi Watts Manhattan cycling  Bandbox Cycling Celebrities | Naomi Watts riding King Kong without helmet

In honor of the upcoming Oscars, Bandbox has selected Naomi Watts for the Cycling Celebrity of the month.  Naomin, well known for her role in King Kong, has earned her Oscar nomination for the incredible job she did playing a tourist during the Thailand Tsunami in the movie, The Impossible.  Naomi was a frequent cyclist when she lived in Manhatta.  Since she moved to LA, we hope she keeps on rolling.  Only thing missing is a hat.  Click one of the selections below to give Naomi Watts a Bandbox Helmet.  At the end of the month, I will send her the helmet that received the most votes.  All entrants will be entered into a drawing for a free helmet cover.


Bandbox Denver | Cowboy hat bicycle helmet  Bandbox Jamaican | Reggae bicycle helmet

Naomi Watts Selection #1 Bandbox Denvier          Naomi Watts Section #2: Bandbox Jamaican

  Bandbox Ascot Brown | Cool bicycle helmet  Bandbox Parisian | Chic bicycle helmet

Naomi Watts Selection #4: Bandbox Ascot            Naomi Watts Section #4: Bandbox Parisian
10:27 pm est 

January 2013 Cycling Celebrity Results

After an almost unanimous vote, Jim Carter, aka Mr. Carson, Downton Abbey's butler will be reciving Selection #1, the Dublinner.  Jill Fuhrman, the winner of this month's drawing. , has chosen a Parisian cover. 

9:50 pm est 

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Bandbox Cycling Celebrity Contest Rules: Pick the best helmet for this season's celebrity from the four choices above by completing the entry form below.   The helmet cover with the most votes will be sent to this month's Bandbox Cycling Celebrity. All voters who selected the celebrity's winning helmet cover will be entered in a quarterly drawing for a free Bandbox Cover (shipping and helmet not included).  Please vote only one time per contest.