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Monday, May 6, 2013

Bandbox Cycling Celebrity May 2013 - Janette Sadik Khan
The results are in - Janette will receive Selection #2, a Bandbox Charleston Bicycle Helmet Hat.  Congratulations to Christine Mott winner of a free Bandbox Helmet Hat cover!

Bandbox Cycling Celebrities | NYC Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik Khan  Bandbox Cycling Celebrity Contest | Janette Sadik-Khan
NYC Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan. With an annual budget of over $2 billion, she is responsible for the operation and maintenance of 6,300 miles of streets and highways, nearly 800 bridges, 1.3 million street signs, 300,000 street lights and 12,000 signalized intersections, as well as the Staten Island Ferry.
Since her appointment, Commissioner Sadik-Khan has implemented an ambitious program to improve safety, mobility and sustainability throughout New York City, and to ensure a state of good repair on all of the Department's roads, sidewalks and bridgesBeginning with Sustainable Streets, DOT's first strategic plan published in 2008, Sadik-Khan has implemented a series of innovative projects: the creation of Broadway Boulevard, new Select Bus Service Routes in the Bronx, Manhattan and Staten Island, the installation of 23 plazas, the addition of over 285 miles of on-street bike lanes, car-free summer streets, weekend pedestrian walks and the publication of a “Street Design Manual” and a “Street Works Manual” that define new standards for creating more durable and attractive streets. Sadik-Khan's contributions to public service and the field of transportation have been recognized with awards from the Rockefeller Foundation, the American Institute of Architects, the Municipal Arts Society, the National Resources Defense Council and NYU Wagner's Rudin Center for Transportation Policy & Management. Pratt Institute, The New School and Occidental College have conferred honorary degrees on her for her work in New York City.

Janette needs a sophisticated bicycle helmet to keep her protected and as she cycles the 6,300 miles of NYC streets.
CLICK on your choice of one of the four helmets below and complete the requested info on the popup screen. At the end of the month, I will send the helmet with the most votes to Janette. Please choose not what you like best, but what you think Janette is most likely to wear. All voters will be automatically entered into a drawing for a free helmet cover.


Chic Bicycle Helmet Cover | Bandbox Black Hollywood           Womens Bicycle Helmet | Bandbox Brown CharlestonJanette Sadik Khan #1 Bandbox Hollywood     Janette Sadik Khan #2 Bandbox Chaleston

Bandbox Panama Bicycle Helmet Hat | Janette Sadik Khan #3                   Bandbox Ascot Bicycle Helmet Hat | Janette Sadik Khan #4
Janette Sadik Khan #3 Bandbox Panama       Janette Sadik Khan #4 Bandbox Ascot
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Bandbox Cycling Celebrity Contest Rules: Pick the best helmet for this season's celebrity from the four choices above by completing the entry form below.   The helmet cover with the most votes will be sent to this month's Bandbox Cycling Celebrity. All voters who selected the celebrity's winning helmet cover will be entered in a quarterly drawing for a free Bandbox Cover (shipping and helmet not included).  Please vote only one time per contest.