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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Bandbox Cycling Celebrity June 2013 - Al Roker


Al Roker
Needs A Bandbox Helmet



CLICK on your choice of one of the four helmets below and complete the requested info on the popup screen. At the end of the month, I will send the helmet with the most votes to Al. Please choose not what you like best, but what you think Al is most likely to wear.

All voters will be automatically entered into a drawing for a free helmet cover.   Purchase a new cover within 7 days of entering the contest and receive $15 discount on new cover. 

Dapper Bicycle Helmet | Bandbox Panama Bandbox Daytona Helmet Hat | Sumer Bicycle Helmet Hat
Bandbox Panama Al Roker #1   Bandbox Daytona Al Roker #2

Bandbox Denver Bicycle Helmet Hat | Bicycle Helmet Cowboy Hat  
Helmet that looks like a hat | Bandbox Wine Ascot Bicycle Helmet HatBandbox Denver Al Roker #3   Bandbox Ascot Al Roker #4

2:38 am edt 

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Bandbox Cycling Celebrity Contest Rules: Pick the best helmet for this season's celebrity from the four choices above by completing the entry form below.   The helmet cover with the most votes will be sent to this month's Bandbox Cycling Celebrity. All voters who selected the celebrity's winning helmet cover will be entered in a quarterly drawing for a free Bandbox Cover (shipping and helmet not included).  Please vote only one time per contest.