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Friday, October 26, 2018

3:25 pm edt 

Bandbox Cycling Celebrity 2018 Fall/Winter

Jake Gyllenhaal


This seasons Cycling Celebrity is Jake Gyllenhall, who is an cycling enthusiast. His filmography stretchs from his debut in City Slickers thru Donnie Darko, Jarhead, and Brokeback Mountain (photo above). His personal and philanthropic activities range from work with the American Civil Liberties Union to the New Eyes for the Needy organization  to Stand Up To Cancer.


Now while Jake does wear a helmet for his competitive cycling events, it should be clear from the above photo that he doesn't when he is casually cycling. Given his talent and many charitable endeavors, let's get him into a Bandbox Helmet hat for his leisure time.

Click HERE and Enter by completing the entry form and confirming your email with your selection of which of the four helmet hats that would look best on Jake. All voters will be automatically entered into a drawing for a free helmet cover (helmet and shipping not included). Purchase a new cover within one month of entering the contest and receive a $10 discount on the new cover.


1. The Ascot 


2. The Detroiter


3. The Dubliner


4. The Panama 

1:28 pm edt 

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Bandbox Cycling Celebrity Contest Rules: Pick the best helmet for this season's celebrity from the four choices above by completing the entry form below.   The helmet cover with the most votes will be sent to this month's Bandbox Cycling Celebrity. All voters who selected the celebrity's winning helmet cover will be entered in a quarterly drawing for a free Bandbox Cover (shipping and helmet not included).  Please vote only one time per contest.