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Bandbox Dubliner charcoal | Cool bicycle helmet
Dubliner Bicycle Helmet

What is underneath the hat (cover)?

Under each Bandbox® Helmet Cover we sell CPSC approved Yakkay Helmets (bicycle) and ASTM approved IRH Helmets (equestrian).



What size should I order?
 Use a tape measure to measure the circumference of your head one inch above your eyebrows. Select your size based on the measurement:

Bicycle Helmet:  Medium 20-22" (51-56cm)  Large  21.7-23.2" (55-59cm)  XL 22.8-24" (58-61cm)

Equestrian Helmet: XS  19.5"-20.5" S/M 20.6"-21.7"  M/L 22"- 23.7" XL -23.8"-25"

Savannah Bicycle Helmet Cover



What style should I chose?

Of course style is highly dependent on your personal taste, but here are some general recommendations:

For best sun protection, choose a large brim helmet such as a Palm Beach.

Rainy weather:  Select either a leather Ascot or a Phily, which will not get damaaged while concurrently keeping the rain off of your face.

Cycling in windy/hilly conditions: Large brimmed covers can flutter in windy conditions,  For wind and aslso fast downhill rides, choose small brimmed hats like the Ascot, Avonlea, Basque, Bostonian, Cape May, Daytona, Dubliner, Derby, Eton, Fargo, or Nantucket

Cold weather styles: Most helmet makers are so focused on providing adequate ventilation on hot summer days, they forget the amount of riding .that is down during cooler weather.  For cool weather riding, choose wool and wool felt caps such as the traditional Ascot (wool tweed), Basque, Bostonian, Brooklyn, Dubliner, Derby, Eton, Fargo, Manhattan

Warm weather styles: are made of straw and cotton fabrics.  Choose Ascot (denim or canvas), Avonlea, Cape May, Charleston, Dakota, Daytona, Devon, Hollywood, Key West, Louisville, Maui, Nantucket, Palm Beach, Panama, or Philly.

Durable styles that can take abuse: Ascot, Avonlea, Basque, Daytona, Dubliner, Eton, Fargo, Nantucket

Mens and androgynous styles: Ascot, Basque, Brooklyn, Daytona, Dubliner, Derby, Eton, Fargo, Panama, Phi



The Dubliner Tweed Bicycle Helmet Cover

Daytona Hip Bicycle Helmet


What do I do if the helmet cover gets wet or misshapen?

Water will not harm your cover. Most helmet covers were formed by soaking and blocking over a helmet form. If your cover gets wet, leave it on the helmet to dry so that it will retain the shape of the helmet. If the brim is bent, gently reform the edge wire and steam iron. Helmets covers with peaked (indented) crowns may be first flattened with the peak pushed to the interior for ironing. Spraying with starch is also fine for both the interior and exterior. Do not starch the exterior of the wool felt covers as this may cause spotting. Remember, your helmet cover is a hat and should be treated gently. If you want to abuse it, consider purchasing one of the more rugged styles like the Dubliner, Philly or Daytona which do not have shaped brims or fancy trims. 


What prevents the helmet cover flying off while riding? Will the wide-brimmed styles interfere with my vision in windy conditions? Will flowers and ribbons and other trims be secure?

Bandbox Helmet Covers are secured either with either channels and draw strings or elasticized hat bands. Wide brim have been wired to prevent deflection in windy conditions. Trims are securely hand sewn. All Bandbox Helmet Cover designs have been field tested riding 35 mph down a 12% grade to assure satisfactory performance.


I have a Bandbox Helmet.  Can I still buy covers to fit my Bandbox helmet?

While we no longer sell Bandbox Helmets, we still can provide you with covers to fit Bandbox Helmets.  When you purchase a cover, select the Cover Only Bandbox Helmet choice.  If you are not asked for type of helmet, that cover fits both Yakkay and Bandbox Helmets.








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