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What do I do if the helmet cover gets wet or misshapen?

Water will not harm your cover. Most helmet covers were formed by soaking and blocking over a helmet form. If your cover gets wet, leave it on the helmet to dry so that it will retain the shape of the helmet. If the brim is bent, gently reform the edge wire and steam iron. Helmets covers with peaked (indented) crowns may be first flattened with the peak pushed to the interior for ironing. Spraying with starch is also fine for both the interior and exterior. Do not starch the exterior of the wool felt covers as this may cause spotting. Remember, your helmet cover is a hat and should be treated gently. If you want to abuse it, consider purchasing one of the more rugged styles like the Dubliner, Philly or Daytona which do not have shaped brims or fancy trims.


What color harness should I choose?

The goal of the Bandbox Helmet design was to conceal the fact that you are wearing a helmet. To minimize the visual impact of the helmet, the harness was designed to disappear, blending with the wearer’s hair or skin. For women with hair shoulder length or longer, choose a harness color to match your hair. For men and women with short hair and most men, choose a harness to match your skin. Harness webbing is available in black, brown, and tan.


How can I make the helmet fit me securely?

A well fit helmet is critical to your safety and comfort. Follow the instructions in the Helmet Fitting section. The helmet should ride level on your head with the length beneath your chin short enough to neither allow the helmet to slide forward or backward nor be so tight as to cause discomfort.


Can I buy Bandbox helmet covers separately to wear on my own helmet?

All Bandbox helmet covers are interchangeable, but fit only the Bandbox Helmet. You may buy a single Bandbox Helmet with multiple Bandbox Helmet Covers (one for each season? One for work? One for recreation?) The Bandbox Helmet was specifically designed to be compact and streamlined to match the contours of a human head. The Bandbox Helmet Covers will not fit other helmets because they are too large and do not have the same contoured shape.


What prevents the helmet cover flying off while riding? Will the wide-brimmed styles interfere with my vision in windy conditions? Will flowers and ribbons and other trims be secure?

Bandbox Helmet Covers are secured either with either channels and draw strings or elasticized hat bands. Wide brim have been wired to prevent deflection in windy conditions. Trims are securely hand sewn. All Bandbox Helmet Cover designs have been field tested riding 35 mph down a 12% grade to assure satisfactory performance.


What design features prevent the helmet from getting hot?

Vent holes are provided outside to the impact area. The Bandbox Helmet is lined with a VersaTech, a high tech wickable sports fabric. Sweat is channeled via the Versatech lining to evaporate via the vent holes. While the lining is glued in and should not be removed, many helmet freshener products are available on the market and may be purchased through equestrian helmet retailers.


Should I replace my Bandbox Helmet in the event of a crash?

All Bandbox Helmets have 5 year guarantees. If you are in a serious collision which caused impact to the helmet, please return it with the cost of shipping. We will replace it with a new helmet shell.