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  Hats - Black and White Polka Dot Organza
Elegant lady's millinery suitable for a garden wedding, a carriage ride or a day at the races.  Broad brimmed organza. These are truly hats NOT helmet covers.   Item #HBWP

Price $69 

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  Hats - Bohemian Wool
Elegant lady's woven corsage hat for cool weather.  Available in tomato/bone. Item #HBM

Price $21 

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  Hats - Cloche
Elegant lady's cloche suitable for a garden wedding, a vintage car ride or a picnic.  These are truly hats and NOT helmet covers.  Sinamay hat trimmed with flowers.  Available in Turquoise, Black, White, Fuchsia and Purple Item #HSC


Price $133 

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  Hats - Lace Brim
Lace brim sunhat for elegant garden parties, wedding, or the races.  Available in cream or black. Item #HLB


Price $24 

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  Hats - Leather Bow Sun hat
Stylish sunhat for beach or picnic.  Available in shell pink, cream, camel or turquoise. Item #HLB

Price $18 

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  Hats - Organza Yellow Flower
Item #HOY

Price $71 

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  Hats - Rainbow colored Sinamay
Exuberant Rainbow Colored Sinamay will be a splash of excitement at any summer party. Item #HRS

Price $88 

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  Hats - Soft Sinamay with Corsage
Romantic wide-brimmed sinamay hat with stunning flower corsage.  Available in cream, blue, yellow and lavender. Item #HSCW


Price $119 

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  Navy Blue Rose Net Hat

Wholesale Large flower dress hat Navy,  brim : 7 inches, crown height 3.5 inches, crown diameter: 7 inches


Item #HNBN

Price $81 

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  Pink with Black & White Wide Ribbon
Eliza Doolitle would be proud going to the races in this pink and black net hat. Item #HPN

Price $70 

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  Red lace hat

Lace top dress hat, brim 7" X  and crown 4".

Item #HRL

Price $81 

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Price $15