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The Nantucket


Attractive Girls Bicycle Helment | Bandbox Bicycle Helmet

Match your Nantucket wicker baset with this crocheted raffia cloche.

  Bicycle Helmet Cover | Bandbox 1 Nantucket Bicycle Helmet  

Style 1: Rust Chiffon ribbon w/ Dahlia (STOCK)


 Bicycle Chic Helmet | Bandbox 2 Nantucket BIcycle Helmet

Style 2: Rosette ribbon in pink,  bone, white and red. (CUSTOM)


Womens Bicycle Helmet Hat | Bandbox 3 Nantucket Bicycle Helmet Cover 

Style 3: Rust ribbon and velvet ribbon (CUSTOM)


Womens Bicycle Helmet Cover | Bandbox 4 Nantucket

Style 4: Organaza ribbon: pink, tan, rust, white, red, silver, chartruse, grass green, royal blue, light blue (CUSTOM)


  Bicycle Helmet Raffia and Lace | Bandbox 6 Nantucket Bicycle Helmet Cover

Style 5 - Antique lace (CUSTOM).  Please note lace quantities are limited and will vary from cover to cover.



Style 6: Green satin ribbon w/pink rose. (CUSTOM)


Antique Rose Bicycle Helmet | Bandbox 8 Nantucket

Style 7 : Antique rose with rust ribbon (CUSTOM)


  Springtime Bicycling Helmet | Bandbox Bicycle Helmet Daisies

Style 8: Daisies with crocheted white band (CUSTOM)




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Price $75