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The Saratoga

Girls Bicycle Helmet | Bandbox Saratoga Bicycle Helmet Hat  

Elegant summer weight lady's bowler with sash. 

STOCK: Cream and Grass Green 

CUSTOM: Teal, Coral, Pink, and Blue. 

Visit scarf page to chose your scarf.  Addititonal scarves may be purchased $15 each.  Please indicate whether you want your scarf sewn on or pinned (ability to swap scarves).

Bicyclists: select harness color to blend with your skin  or hair: Black, Brown, Tan.  All equestrian harnesses are black. 

Stock covers are shipped within one week and are returnable with RA Code obtained by emailing  Custom covers are shipped in 2-3 weeks, and are exchange only.   All returns and exchages are subject to cost of shipping plus $20 service charge.





Please type hat color and scarf number here:

Price $68